Innocence, activism and fighting the good fight

Innocence, activism and fighting the good fight









Forget about the Mayan prediction of the end of the world on the 23rd December, 2012 we have some more sinister and devastating forces at work which continue to fuck up the planet – our narrow attitudes and hatred.

In this interview I talk to feminist activist Clarissa Nelson about why the film Innocence of Muslims is no accident and has re-planted seeds of hatred that could actually end the world.

UPR: Why do you (and many others) view this trailer as a political ploy initiated from the Romney Republican Party ranks?

CN: On a simplistic level this kind of propaganda – because that’s what it is – has three important political implications.

Firstly it pushes Barack Obama into a corner where he has to come out fighting. On the eve of an election Obama is now diverted and forced to deal with matters of National security in ways that he cannot win an election. If he backs down – he’s voted out for being weak and un-American ‘no-one shits in our backyard and gets away with it’. If he fights back – the US continues it’s war campaigns he vowed to discontinue costing the country billions more dollars and alienating liberal voters as well as going against his own personal desires for change – he’s voted out by those for whom war is not the answer.

Secondly and what many Australians don’t fully understand is that the Fundamental Christian Right in the US is absolutely invested in an Armageddon. The basic tenet of Fundamental Christianity is that the sooner the world ends the sooner they (and no-one else) will be passed through the gates of heaven to redemption. It is in their best interests to fear monger, throw stones, and name call and in the process incite others to do their bidding. It is this belief that led Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and co. to fabricate stories about weapons of mass destruction and systematically begin the subjugation of the Middle East – oops that’s not right … what they were actually doing there was getting a shit load of money through oil, mining rights and other shady deals so that they could pay their way to heaven – a much better idea! But lets take a few 1000 Muslims out with us as well!

In short the Republican Party – as well as the Congress throughout Obama’s term – care more about preventing or restricting Obama than they do about any possible fallout, outcomes or casualties as a result of attempting to do so.

Finally what this kind of message does is provide those who already hate with even more reasons to continue to hate. This means that those who destroy the planet, mistreat animals, rape women, abuse children, and hate their neighbor have multiple reasons to continue to do so. Their ways of thinking and acting in the world are reinforced, indeed encouraged and sanctioned.

UPR: So with this all in mind what’s the way forward?

CN: It’s utterly essential that we all realize that the news we read and see is mediated – in some sense contrived. It is consistently politically and economically motivated and functions more to advertise war than peace. So if we don’t buy it the product becomes harder to sell.

UPR: How do you suggest we refuse the war product and fight the good fight?

CN: In order for people like your readers to stay compassionate, maintain their own purpose, passion and faith, and still have the energy to stand up an simply be ‘good’ it’s important that they:

  • Choose the light, the good and the upside over the darkness, the bad and downside (do this every single time even if the light is just a glimmer)
  • Support organisations who support peace in sustainable ways and from places of genuine ecological care (no matter what the cost)
  • Hang out with other people who ‘read’ the media and world events like you do (your neighbor is not your enemy so trust your intuition and create sustainable, diverse, accepting and vibrant communities

How do you fight the good fight in your everyday life?

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